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Item Listings!

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Postdesignerdude101 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 9:31 pm

Hello designerdude101! Welcome to the Designerdude's Warehouse Organization. Here are the item listings. Please take notice that some particularly expensive or rare items may need to be custom ordered. You can also request that I make more of a buildable item if I do not have many in stock. If you would like to order an item, please post a new topic with your item request. As soon as the transaction is completed, I will move it into the archive forum. Thank you for trading with the Designerdude's Warehouse Organization.

ItemQuantityCost in clicks per item
Apple(s)1000, max 50 per transactionfree
Potted Plant(s)21
Heroic Stories(s)301/5
Worker Bee(s)101/2
Better Bee(s)51
Best Bee(s)52
Solar Power Cell(s)501
Dino Scale(s)1201
Rough Diamond(s)05
Rough Sapphire(s)05
Rough Ruby(s)05
Phantom Orchid(s)101/5
Loose Spark(s)805
Acoustic Guitar(s)15
Electric Guitar(s)05
Bass guitar(s)05
Hypnotic Frequency Machine(s)155
Fairy Dust8001
Totemic Owl(s)limit one per transaction, 1 per week35
Totemic Hawk(s)limit one per transaction, 1 per week35
Totemic Wolf(s)limit one per transaction, 1 per week35
Totemic Mountain Lion(s)limit one per transaction, 1 per week35
Totemic Snake(s)limit one per transaction, 1 per week35
Totemic Turtle(s)limit one per transaction, 1 per week40
Totemic Rabbit(s)limit one per transaction, 1 per week35
Mantles Victory Banner(s)152
Gauntlet's Victory Banner(s)05
Nebular Crystal(s)limit 5 per transaction1
Cruiser Thruster(s)limit 1 per transaction, 1 per week50
Cyrogentic Sleep Unit(s)limit 1 per transaction, 1 per week40
Cruiser Warp Drive(s)limit 1 per transaction, 1 per week50
Circuit Board(s)202
Space Fuel Cell(s)201
Lost Space Probe(s)112
Space Probe(s)11
Secret Satellite Novel(s)510

Exclusive items:
Items:QuantityPrice in clicks per item
Thornax 1000 1/10

If you have any questions about this trading system or would like make a custom order, please send me a PM or make a new topic with your request. Thank you!


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