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Science/Technology "Newsletter" V1 Issue 1

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PostNapalm13 on Sat Aug 01, 2009 7:33 am


"Good Morning MLN Liger Society, today I'm introducing a special "Newsletter" for all
things Science/Technology. I wanted this to be maybe document form/PDF,
but I wanted first to see how would this be if it is handled in classic
HTML or TEXT format. So here we go:

Table of Contents:

-Microsoft's "Bing" rises upwards in search engine
-Microsoft catches deal with Yahoo
-Mac is "annoyed" at Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" ad campaign
-WiMAX: The future of Wireless Connection?

-The new H.R. 2454 Bill(American Clean and Sequrity Act) has passed the House.
-40th annerversary of the "Moon Landing"/"Houston, we erased the Apollo 11 tapes"

like Microsoft is going strong now after it's humiliating defeat from
the Google Giant Search Engine, from Microsoft's Unveiling of "Bing"
It's newly founded search Engine Hosted in a Convention in San Diego.
The Skeptics, as you can guess laughed on it, and called it as a joke,
but now, revenues, and searches are dominating the Search Industry,
bringing Microsoft the last laugh. But still Microsoft has a big
difference from the regulary used Google search engine not even to say
Yahoo, Which I will explain another issue about that as well. And they
have to be doing that by eight fold to catch up to google. Which, we
would expect Microsoft to just give up, but the future will tell us

Now as I said that Microsoft had to top of google as
search engine, Microsoft also has to top off Yahoo. So it's no surprise
at all that Microsoft and Yahoo, were making a deal about their search
engine, bringing the deal towards millions of "moolah". And Yahoo
executives are feeling it, and they are wanting this deal made, I don't
know about you, but I think we are seeing greed at the highest level
here. Never a less, they are very near to the deal, and that if it has
been stroke, Microsoft's "Bing" will in their hopes will be bouncing
further towards the Google Giant.

So if you ever watched the
commercials, you might have watched the "Mac vs. PC" about how the Mac
is better than the PC, which is kinda insulting, when you find that Mac
is now agrevated at Microsoft for it's "Laptop Hunters" Ad campaign,
and that it's kinda ironic if you kind of get what I mean. It's just a
Commercial right? For just getting a good price, because I checked
Apple's Store on their computers, and man they are High... like
Commercial Airline Cruising Altitude high. Well In my opinion of
course. SO would you ever think that Mac would then come at Microsoft
with a "Sue", and I think they are going at that too far. But that's a
media made opinion and rumor though, so we can come at this
easy.....for now.

WiMAX the New
technology that can revolutionize the WiFi Network on it's knees. It's
all to do with Microwaves and what not to send signals instead of Radio
waves, so now everyone can enjoy a hot cup of coffee with their
internet with a "Katrina" size hurricane and get good signals...if your
house doesn't get blown first, in theory. This Developing Technology is
still new, but has gone credited when people used WiMAX through their
Car, and drove, with the same amount of speed it's getting. So, if
you're like me who, has winds comming at you and you're getting 2KB/s
for internet, then get this now, because this looks like promising

well well, looks like this bill is getting to the senate right? If you
haven't heard already, the "American Clean & Sequrity Act" H.R.
2454, has passed the house of representatives, and is going to the
senate as a bill to clean up America's love for fossil fuel. Most of
this Bill is about the cleaning, so I'm just talking about that
instead. So you might know that we are using too much fossil fuel in
less time then we can drink a bottle of water. Now, how can we suddenly
get rid of using fossil fuel since we love it so much. Well, ever
remembered in 2008 on how fuel was average $5 a gallon in some states
causing people not to use their cars, well here's the summary on the
bill, the Government WILL TAX the people/makers of the Fossil fuel, so
if you are getting electricity from coal(co2 making), then you will see
a huge jump in your electric bill.

Looks like the 40th
anniversary of the "Moon landings" are near, and let's celebrate it
with a great question. What's the next giant leap for mankind? Well...
NASA Hasn't still thought about it yet. But still here's one thing you
should hear about, "Houston, we erased the Apollo 11 tapes" Yep, you
heard it, NASA intentially erased the tapes, because they didn't have
enough tapes for the future, so they erased the tapes for further use,
since it was being broadcasted anyways worldwide. But No need to FEAR,
HOLLYWOOD is HEAR! Yes, Hollywood was so kind to fix the tapes from
only 3 known copies of the tapes worldwide to enhance it than ever
before, for over $300,000. How kind.

As you know, this
is only the first issue, so there is no photos/editorails/anything
funny for now, or that there's not good news to be told right now. But
anyways here's a poll.

What do you think about the first issue?
-It's nice
-It's kinda alright
-It could've done better
-It's bad, with no great news told

I also plan for this to be in a PM as a "Newsleter" but that has to be seen first, and be discussed.

for the next issue, I will pick a question from the comments, of
anything they want about, from technology to anything related to
Science, I will answer them, as best as I can. Plus for the Next issue,
I also will bring up tips for ECO-solutions, Programming, or anything
that can help save time in the computer. Also more links/images would
be put in.

Anyways as they say "Today is Soo Yesterday"

--Napalm13; John Maplen"

Last edited by Jυđgє Gคbrคηŧђ on Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:29 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : It's spelled Houston... not Housten)
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PostTatoranaki on Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:39 pm

I believe you should add a poll, it'd increase the likeliness of feedback.
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PostSpilo on Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:21 pm

This is awesome maple! REALLY good.
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PostSCS on Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:14 am

Awesome work, maple! Very Happy
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